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There are many different types of tourism nowadays. The main characteristic is formed based on the needs of travelers. The tourism activity itself is constantly changing, new directions appear, and the process continues to this day.

The most popular types of tourism

Recreational tourism: sea, sun, beach

Recreational tourism sea, sun, beach

Recreational tourism sea, sun, beach

Perhaps the most popular type of tourism in the world is a holiday in resorts surrounded by palm trees, sea and sand. The main goal is to relax, get an even tan, swim, and forget about pressing problems for a long time.

This type of tourism has a peculiarity: it is universal and suitable for any person. Families with children, newlyweds, aged people, friends go on vacation.

Among other types and types of tourism by purpose, recreational is the most extensive, as it allows you to combine relaxation on the beach and visiting attractions, entertainment.

Named popular places for this type of tourism, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries can be distinguished.

Cultural and historical tourism: for the most curious

The motivation for this type of tourism and recreation is the desire of the traveler to expand his horizons. To get acquainted with the national culture of the country where he is going, with its historical and architectural monuments, museums, remarkable routes.

This also includes those trips during which a person acquires an idea of ​​music, theaters, cinema, painting of the state, learns the local language, attends excursions, informative lectures or seminars.

The excursion business is most represented in this direction of tourism development.

Health tourism: with health benefits

Health tourism with health benefits

Health tourism with health benefits

The entire high society of Russia in the 19th century enjoyed resting “on the waters” and did not even assume that it was engaged in medical or medical tourism.

The main goal of the traveler here is health promotion, raising the body’s defenses or getting rid of an acute or chronic illness. This area includes visiting sea resorts, sanatoriums, dispensaries, water and mud baths, mineral, thermal or radon springs. There is such a variety of it as climatotherapy.

For example, in the high-mountainous region of the Caucasus, in Teberda, there is a sanatorium where respiratory diseases are treated with clean mountain air.

Or boarding houses in Abkhazia, where a unique combination of sea air, subtropical climate, closeness to boxwood groves gives an amazing healing effect.

Sports and adventure tourism: for those who appreciate adrenaline and obstacles

These varieties are the most variegated, they are divided into many categories. All sports tourism is usually divided into passive and active. In the first case, the traveler does not personally participate, but observes a certain sporting event, and in the second, accordingly, he participates.

We note right away that representatives of sports and extreme types of tourism do not even consider the rest as tourists. There is often a funny misunderstanding between individual groups: climbers do not like cavers, cyclists – pedestrians, water workers – everyone else, but as a joke.

In this direction of tourism activities, the preparation and participation of a tourism product independently is widespread. This includes the organization of all resources for a tourist group, including hiking, and overnight stays, and economic calculations and costs.

Sports and extreme tourism are subdivided into narrower areas according to the type of sport, method or degree of extreme.

All types are considered sports:

  • water tourism – windsurfing, kayaking, rafting, sailing, water skiing, diving;
  • mountain – mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain trekking;
  • speleotourism, canyoning;
  • air – flying on balloons, hot air balloons, hang gliding, parachuting (sea, mountain, etc.)
  • winter destinations (skiing, sleds, snowboarding, snowmobiles, etc.), summer (bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs, horses), as well as hunting, fishing and even golf!

Business tourism: business without barriers

Business tourism business without barriers

Business tourism business without barriers

Entrepreneurs love to travel too, but prefer to benefit from travel. Although in business tourism, it is not material in nature.


  • present your product,
  • gain new knowledge and experience,
  • establish strong partnerships for future cooperation,
  • maintain existing contacts,
    negotiate in an informal setting.

This type of tourism, after all, is more like a business trip. This category also includes all kinds of professional congresses, conventions, conferences, salons, fairs.

Let’s say the Le Bourget air show in France or the International Expo, which took place in Astana in 2017.

Event tourism: where the fun is!

It’s simple – there are events that some people consider unacceptable to miss! The visit of event tourists is always conditioned by some kind of event. It can be world famous festivals (carnival in Brazil, festival of young wine in France, Oktoberfest), but not only!

The event can be cultural, sports, historical, business …

Perhaps, there are significant events in each region. And they are all worthy of attention and find their fans.

Ecotourism: for those looking for the purity of nature

Ecotourism: for those looking for the purity of nature

Ecotourism: for those looking for the purity of nature

Such tourism is often confused with rural or farm tourism. When a person tired of city life breaks out of the metropolis. To live a simple life in touch with nature. Choosing for this special campgrounds, camps or eco-settlements that admit new guests to their territory.

The bottom line is correct: all eco-tourism is built on the fact that the traveler finds himself alone with nature. To do this, people usually rush to wild places untouched by civilization.

And although the genre involves living in a primordially natural environment, now there are special campings, shelters and hotels. To make living in the wild more comfortable.

A striking sign of ecotourism is that a tourist must certainly perform certain actions that are beneficial to the environment, from basic garbage collection to cleaning streams, eliminating the consequences of accidents, and rescuing animals.

Eco-tourists often research uninhabited territories: their geography, climate, flora and fauna, etc.

Whatever type of tourism you choose for yourself – it’s great! Any trip expands the picture of the world and horizons, has a beneficial effect on health and perception of life.

Promising types of tourism

There are such areas of tourism that in modern times are of increased interest, attract more and more travelers, and are the most promising. And just a few decades ago, the demand for them was minimal.

How to keep up with the times and master new directions of tourism development?

Pay attention to areas such as:

  • Gastronomic tourism is visiting the resorts of the world in order to taste national cuisine, visit many restaurants, evaluate drinks and delicacies. Among the various types of tourism, this one does not cost much. Since travelers will buy food anyway;
  • Space tourism is the most promising type of tourism, which has not yet been developed. But they are already talking about its widespread implementation. The ticket price is over $ 100,000, excellent health is required, but this is an excellent option for those who dreamed of becoming an astronaut in childhood;
  • Residential tourism is not exactly a growing type of tourism, but it is now experiencing a new surge. Guests go for the winter to Cambodia, Vietnam, Montenegro and other warm countries, where they experience bad weather – they stay for several months, after which they return to their homeland;
  • Rural tourism is not widespread in our country, but is already popular in the USA and Europe. The idea is to get away from skyscrapers and cars, abandon your phone and spend a week at the “dacha” digging beds or looking after flowers. However, life on a farm does not appeal to Russians yet.
    By the way, in the near future the concept and main directions of tourism will remain unchanged.

Travelers will continue to be attracted by relaxing on the beaches, downhill skiing, visiting bars and restaurants. The development of types of tourism, although it is taking place, is more aimed at improving the conditions and level of service.

Unusual types of tourism in the world

There are non-traditional types of tourism, which are not widespread, but have an army of fans and are of certain interest for connoisseurs.

What are we talking about?

Tourism can be very informative and sometimes mysterious.

The list of such tourism destinations is constantly expanding:

  • Urban tourism is an unusual type of tourism, in which travelers make a “collision”, visiting old destroyed factories, subways, catacombs and other man-made and gloomy structures;
  • Diggerism is another type of tourism, which consists of forays into caves and miraculous structures underground;
  • Virtual tourism as a new type of tourism – sightseeing with a computer, 3D tours, panoramas. Such a journey, of course, will not allow you to get real emotions. But in general it is interesting, and most importantly – completely free;
  • Military tourism – the traveler goes where there are active hostilities. What could be better than being under a hail of bullets, grenades and bombs? Despite the fact that such travels are similar to suicide, they are still in demand among extreme and adventure lovers. Tourists often give up their lives during such a vacation;
  • Travel for people with disabilities. In fact, they are no different from traditional travel, but the route and hotel are selected taking into account the characteristics of the person. To make it easy and convenient for him to move;
  • Illegal types of tourism – our compatriots are attracted by travel associated with risk. Get into Chernobyl, into the territory of a military unit, a guarded object … The main thing is not what you see there, but the drive because you can be caught at any moment.

These new directions have broad development prospects. The beaches, the sea and the attractions are already boring, I want something unusual, interesting and rich.

Types of tourism depending on the season

The most popular time to visit the resorts is high season. This is when the weather pleases with sunny days, it is nice to swim in the sea, and a huge amount of entertainment is offered. However, there are types of tourism that, in general, are in demand at any time of the year.

When do travelers visit resorts?

  • High season. This type of season continues to enjoy increased popularity and attention. Tourists love to bask on the beaches, sunbathe, enjoy the service. True, this season has a drawback – due to the abundance of guests there are not enough places, hotels need to be booked in advance, there is a crush, and municipal beaches are getting dirty;
  • The Velvet season. This season assumes rest when the bulk of travelers have already gone home. There is no usual crush and the weather is still perfect. True, a cold snap may already be noted, a decrease in temperature, especially at night;
  • Low season. Most resorts will not be able to swim at this time of the year due to the coolness. On the other hand, you can go sightseeing, enjoy beauty salons and tranquility. Plus such a pastime